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What’s The Difference Between Fat Loss & Weight Loss?

In today’s world, getting slim and looking sexy is the latest trend with women around the world doing their best to fit into size zero jeans to make their friends green with jealousy. However, there seems to be a pair of terms that appear to be used interchangeably when talking about getting slim, Weight Loss and Fat Loss.

So, do you know what the difference between fat loss and weight loss is? If not, you have come to the right place because today, we will be discussing fat loss and weight loss as well as which of these will help you get slim while keeping yourself healthy.

Comparing Fat Loss With Weight Loss:

Now that you have understood that there is a difference between losing fat and losing weight let’s define each.

Fat Loss: Is when your body loses the fat stored in the body by burning to via thermogenic fat burn or converting it into energy used during your workouts. You can measure fat percentages with fat calipers with healthy levels of fat for men and women being 10% and 15% respectively.

Weight Loss: Is when your total body weight is reduced either by starving yourself or health problems which cause weight loss. This slimming is unhealthy, harmful and not recommended for most people. You can measure weight loss using a weighing scale.

Fat Loss Vs Weight Loss

When taking a look at the comparison between losing weight and fat, it’s easy to see why it’s wrong for most people to want to lose weight. In reality, when people say that they want to lose weight, they are talking about losing fat instead.

There are a few problems with weight loss including it being unreliable as well as incomparable. What this means is that since your daily routine includes eating food, drinking water and trips to the washroom, there is a constant change in your body weight, making it unreliable to judge your fitness levels using a weighing scale. Two people can also weight the same while having different fat percentages because it’s known that muscle is denser than fat.

You Can Lose Fat And Still Weigh The Same:

While this may seem confusing at the start, you can weight the same on the weighing scale even after losing fat at the gym. Using only the weighing scale to judge your workout and fitness progress will cause you to get an inaccurate reading on your fitness level.

As you exercise, especially if you do strength training, you start building your muscles while losing fat. This can often lead to your body weight staying the same while your muscle mass increases and body fat decreases. The best weight to judge body fat is by using fat calipers. Carbohydrates in your foods have also known to cause a change in body weight as they bind with water, increasing or decreasing your weight, depending on if you ate more or fewer carbs respectively.

Fat Loss

How To Lose Fat And Not Muscle Mass?

Since muscle takes less space for the same amount of fat, you will look slimmer when you burn fat by working out at the gym. The best advice from experts to those who want to lose fat and not muscle mass is:

Strength Training: Is training that helps your muscles grow stronger and bigger. The body will naturally burn fat to feed the energy required for the muscles to grow.

Healthy Diet: Is important if you want to lose fat and not muscle mass. Healthy diets like eating foods that are void of saturated fats with 90% of the meals having unprocessed foods have shown to be effective at fat loss.

There you go, that was what you needed to know about weight loss and fat loss as well as which way you should work towards if you want to get slim and sexy.

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